Haiti Youth Development & 
              Education Foundation

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Proud supporter of
Haiti Women's National Football Team.

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                                                             Mission Statement

   Haiti Youth Development & Education is a non-profit 501(c)3, education centered organization whose mission is to foster our kids physically and mentally. Since January 2005, through sports, music, health education and community service, our programs are aimed at meeting the different needs of all our kids. We emphasize discipline in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, while providing life lessons to create a solid citizen. We aim to give opportunities to kids inside and outside the United States.

H.Y.D.E in Haiti

We take a hands on approach and go directly to where we believe we should be. By being directly involved we can see and feel with our own eyes and hands the true value of what we do.


No other organization was able to earn the trust of the United Nations Peace One Day founders to be able to bring it to Haiti, and even more importantly to have it return year after year, united in the dream of universal peace.